Life Coaching:

Do you have an issue that is been rattling around in your head without resolution or are you at cross roads in your relationship, career or other personal issues? Life coaching uses a Socratic approach asking questions while working through doubts and fears. A step-by-step plan of action is created with support along the way. 

When you come to a session you must:

Have an objective for the session, which means you need to know what you want as an outcome of being consulted. An objective can come from a specific area in your life about which you are confused and want to get clear. It can be something you are afraid of doing or an area that you are hoping will somehow magically take care of itself if you ignore it.  
Be willing to get clear on the objective you’ve chosen.
Be on time for the session.
Follow up sessions as needed for support.

Examples of what people are consulted about:

  • Career change
  • Relationship change
  • Heal Past wounds
  • Goal Setting
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Enhance health, energy and performance
  • Get to the source of problems quickly

Life Coaching is NOT counseling, therapy or consulting and the coach is simply a vehicle for you to birth your own answers, creating an action plan with time based goals.
While we explore doubts and fears, they are explored with the objective of releasing them to bring more balance, happiness and peace in your life.