One session with assessments and program criterion for personal training.

Facilitated Stretching:
Experience the many types of stretches that can be utilized to bring your body the flexibility your body needs to release and relax. There are many forms of stretching from Dynamic (moving), static (stationary), passive, active, active assisted, active isolated, ballistic (which involves bouncing and is rarely done anymore),  Facilitated/ PNF(proprioceptive neuromuscular alar facilitation) which is a form of the muscles contracting against resistance to lengthen the muscle and is very effective for extension of tight muscles. Each session is unique to the signals your body is giving you to increase flexibility and restore suppleness.

Qui Gong/ Tai Chi:

Ancient Chinese healing energy exercises and techniques. These are simple movements combined with thought and intention to become healthy, increase energy, get rid of toxins, and relax the mind and body.     

Flow Yoga:​
Yoga in its true form is a sequence of asanas (moves or postures) connecting the breath to the movement that was started in India. There are many different forms of yoga and systems and philosophies. Keeping with ancient tradition, we generally follow a vinyasa (flow) sequence with Hatha postures in a meditative state to bring balance and flexibility to our bodies and minds. Chants are sometimes added and class is geared to what is needed that day and is adapted to each person in this small group class.  

Personal Training:​
Get in tip top shape with guidance and expertise using free weights, medicine balls, bands, TR, and or combining whatever fitness modalities inspire you. Gain strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility through one-on-one sessions.