• Vipassana (seeing things as they are started in India)
  • Metta, Loving kindness 
  • Mindfulness being fully present with your thoughts and aware
  • Transcendental using a Mantra, works or phrase repeated over and over
  • Guided using imagery, or visualization
  • Chakra using the energy wheels of color connected to the 7 centers in the body
  • Yoga moving the breath to movement 

Meditation is highly powerful in stilling the mind and accessing higher levels of awareness.  We use any and all methods to access the power of the present moment not getting hung up on a modality and “doing it right”. It is incorporated in sessions or can be a session in and of itself.
The mind is powerful and our job is to access the space between the breath where there is stillness and peace. OM OM OM

There are 7 types of meditation:


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that promotes healing through the laying on of hands. Rei meaning God’s Wisdom or higher power and Ki which is life force energy. It is an energy system founded in Japan by Mikao Usui in 1922 and treats the whole body, mind and spirit and helps every lines and ailment.  Symbols are used to access these healing powers. Cindy is a master healer otherwise known as a level 3.

Qui Gong/ Tai Chi:

Ancient Chinese healing energy exercises and techniques. These are simple movements combined with thought and intention to become healthy, increase energy, get rid of toxins, and relax the mind and body. 

Music Medicine/Sound bath:

Music Medicine:  Using the 4 directions of the Native American Indian wheel, we explore all aspects of opening the heart with different instruments to open and clear chakra’s and energy centers in the body to raise your energy frequency and clarity.