Cindy Georgakas founded Uniquely Fit in 1979 with the mission to guide others to find inner peace and healthy living through movement, touch, and nutrition, and creating a union of body, mind, and spirit.  

Cindy has 35+ years experience in health and wellness.  She studied Occupational and Recreational Therapy with an emphasis in Psychology at San Jose State University.  She started her career in wellness offering personal training and leading “Diets Don’t Work” by Bob Schwartz workshops while also managing the Golden Health Spa in San Francisco.

In 1979, Cindy was certified as a One on One Life Coach and group facilitator by Cherie Carter Scott, Mother of Life Coaching of Motivational Management Services.  That year, she opened Uniquely Fit which started as an aerobic studio offering 25 classes a week from more than 15 teachers.

As she began to start a family of her own, Cindy expanded her practice to pre/postnatal exercise classes, baby massage and diaper aerobics. As her 4 children grew older, she focused on personal training and life coaching. In 2003, she started massage therapy(CAMTC Certified) and has over 1,000 hours in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, facilitated stretching, Trigger Point, MRF, Traeger, Thai, Cranialsacral, Lite Force Technique by Curtis Turchin using joint release techniques and LED Light Therapy.

She is also a certified Yoga teacher, Reiki master and teaches Qui Gong, Tai chi, meditation and music medicine. Cindy’s sessions are multifaceted and can be approached using one modality of choice or integrated to address your needs that day. This multi-level approach allows for internal growth and physical well being-- releasing pain, toxins and trauma bringing balance, wholeness and restoration to each session.

Fun Fact:  Cindy also had a short lived dance career in San Francisco with The Rhythm Methods, a modern jazz dance comedy play and appeared on T.V. in a sugar documentary.